Himalayan IDEC

Continue your conference in a 3 days trek in the highest mountains in the world

What is Himalayan IDEC?

Himalayan IDEC is a three-day extension conference which will include trekking, talks, workshops by various people (national and international)coming from different walks of life such as mountaineering, entrepreneurs, and researchers working in the field of Himalayan life and Himalayan natural products.


for SAARC countries

  • What is included?

    To make it a lifetime experience, participants will walk/hike/trek part of the day through the beautiful and traditional villages, along the ridges of the hills enjoying the uninterrupted sight of the Himalayas. We will walk every day for a couple of hours and stop at a beautiful location with the view of the beautiful mountains in the middle of the forest and participate in workshops and talks for a couple of hours. From there we will again trek to a comfortable and spacious hotel to spend the overnight. You will enjoy varieties of local, traditional and continental food and drinks.

  • What do you need to bring?

    Himalayan IDEC is organized to suit everyone. We have made it a very short extension keeping busy schedules of participants in mind. We have everything ready for you. Just to make your experience a bit more comfortable we would like you to have walking shoes, flashlight, sun hat, insect repellant, etc.

  • What will we talk about?

    Himalayan IDEC is more about opening our hearts and minds by sharing personal experience and the journey of our life with other wonderful human beings. We will also have keynote speakers on Education, Himalayas and its people, Mountaineering, Nature, Culture. Apart from talks each of us can organize workshops, games and other activities.

  • From Oct. 20 to Oct. 22
  • Nagarkot and Dhulikhel
  • 10 keynote speakers
  • 60 (40 more tickets available) participants

Our special guests

Our special guests will include local and international personalities who are working in the field of Mountaineering, Education, Culture & Art, and Spirituality. We will put up the names soon.

Himalayan Idec

What’s the plan?

Come oh! Dear Friends, Lets listen to the gentle whisper of the gigantic Himalayas Oh! little seekers of truth, freedom and love She calls us to open our hearts, be on her lap and make this celebration of Democratic Education like it never would've.