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    • How much does Tourist Visa cost?

      1-15 days, multi entries : 30 $ US 16-30 days, multi entries : 50 $ US 31-90 days, multi entries : 125 $ US Visa fee is not applicable for children below the age of 10.

    • What is the easiest way of getting Tourist Visa?

      You can get visa on arrival at the airport. You will be asked to fill a form and make payment to get Visa, this may take more than an hour sometimes. We would like to suggest you to fill in the form online, take a print out and make it ready so that you can get your visa instantly after payment at the airport. Visa form can be found http://www.online.nepalimmigration.gov.np/tourist-visa

    • I am interested in Volunteering at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. What can I do?

      Let us know what your interests are. You can help us in the School, Gardening, Kitchen, Organic Farming, construction etc. We will be very glad to have you at our organization.

    • Why should i consider booking my travel plans from AuroNepal Travel and Trek?

      AuroNepal Travels is run by Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. The profit made will directly go to the organization and is used to run various different activities of the Ashram and the School.

    • If I plan to visit other places in Nepal, can you help me to book flights, cars, public buses and tourist buses?

      Yes! Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir runs a travel agency. Let us know what you need and we will be there to help you out.

    • What are the most common modes of transportation in Kathmandu city?

      Taxi, Motorbikes and Local buses.

    • Do I have a pick up facility from the airport to the venue?

      Yes! All you need is to let us know your arrival time(email us your ticket) at Tribhuvan International Airport. Taxi will be waiting for you just outside the exit with your name written on a placard.

    • What kinds of toilets are present in the rooms?

      Almost all the attached toilets are sitting toilets and rest of the toilets are squat toilets. Toilet papers, water, soap will be provided.

    • What accommodation tariff suits me the best?

      Beds in every type of accommodation are comfortable. We promise to take care of you Have a look at the price tariffs on the home page to decide what suits you the best. For larger groups we would suggest you to Book Basic or Dormitory. If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask.

    • What kind of Hotels will we be staying in?

      You will be staying in a clean, comfortable, tourist Resort, from where you can have beautiful view of the mountains and sunrise.

    • Is there free and safe drinking water available?

      Filtered hot and cold drinking water facility will be provided at number of places. Additionally, you can buy mineral bottled water too.

    • Do I get a Tent at the venue or do I have to arrange it myself?

      Tent and all the other necessities such as quilt, mattress, pillow, blankets will be provided to you. You can ofcourse bring your own if you want to.

    • Are tea, coffee and snacks available for free?

      Yes. Nepali Masala Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided at regular intervals everyday.

    • If I want to have non-vegetarian, do I have some options?

      Yes. Around the venue there are small local restaurants where you can get non-vegetarian recipies.

    • I am non-vegetarian. Do you think i will have enough protein from the served food?

      Yes. You will have plenty of milk products, beans, wheat, corn, millet, barley, oat reciepies.

    • What kind of Food is served?

      Providing you healthy, hygienic and ample food is one of our primary interest. You will be served fresh organic vegetarian varieties of traditional, local, continental, tibetan menu each day. We will take care of both, people who love spices and people who prefer to have less spices. We will have plenty of options for Vegans as well.

    • Do I need to worry about insects/snakes at the venue?

      Don't worry at all. There is not presence of any harmful insects or bugs. But to make you feel at ease, we suggest you to get insect repellent or some type of ointment.

    • What are the types of electric plugs available?

      The plugs in Nepal are generally (Type D and Type M) and do not match in most of the cases for your appliances. We strongly suggest you to get adaptors. We will provide some adaptors ourselves as well.

    • Can I exchange money at the venue?

      Yes! We exchange Euros, Dollars, Australian Dollars, INRs.

    • Are there cafeterias available around the venue?

      Yes. You can find number of local cafeterias around the venue. You will have few cafeterias inside the venue too.

    • What is the address of the Venue?

      You might need this for visa application form. The address is: House number : 0 Street name : Check Post, Thankot Ward No. : 6 VCD/Municipality : Chandragiri District : Kathmandu Adress in Nepal : Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir Contact phone No : +977 1 43 12 157 Cell Phone No.: +9779851101539 Cell phone No : + 977 985 11 03 156

    • How accessible is the city center from the conference venue?

      Very much. You can hire a taxi to pick you up from the location, which will cost you about 10-20 $ and it will drop you to the place of your choice. Or you can just simply walk for five minutes to the Highway to get local buses that depart every five minutes.

    • How can I help someone to attend the IDEC who cannot pay for themselves?

      We can collectively raise some funds and shortlist interested people to fund their participation in IDEC.

    • Are discounts available?

      Yes! We have reserved number of discounts for people coming from developing countries. We are providing free tickets only for some nomadic indigenous ethnic people and underpriviledged young students. If you are interested in raising fund to make it possible for some, we would be very glad for your help.

    • What is the atmosphere of the IDEC 2020 Venue, Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir?

      Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir is a family of almost 200 children and adults. Our efforts here is to create a spiritual environment for learning and growing together with people and children coming from all over Nepal. It is a place to foster qualities such as selfless giving, acceptance, love and equality based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

    • What are the do's and donts' at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir?

      In the campus we would kindly request you to avoid few things such as Smoking, Drinking alcohol and doing drugs. For smoking and drinking we have created a safe place near the venue for you.

    • When is the earliest date I can arrive at the venue after booking the IDEC conference ticket?

      The conference will start on the 14th of October. We are expecting the arrival of participants from 13th onward. If you want to come a bit early, you are most welcome. We will organize everything for you.

    • How does a typical day of IDEC conference look like?

      As you all know, IDEC is a place where you can be yourself. Talks can go on but you can chill. Yoga in the morning before breakfast, Key-Note talks before lunch, open-space after lunch and some more programs after snacks, bonfire after dinner.

    • How can I become a speaker at the conference?

      Anyone can become a speaker at the conference. You can find a suitable time-hall slot and book it.

    • Can I attend talks of my choice at the conference?

      Of course!

    • I don't speak english. Will there be translations?

      Most of the lectures and discussions will be in English. We can request for French and Nepali translation if you ask us beforehand.

    • How is the weather like during the time of conference?

      Generally, the temperature goes up to 28 C(82F) maximum during the day and 16 C(61F) minium at night. You will have warm beds, enough quilts and mattresses. In some accommodations you will be provided with electric heaters as well.

    • What is different about IDEC Conference in Nepal?

      IDEC and APDEC in Nepal is going be a totally new experience for you. Conference on democratic conference is happening for the first time in Nepal. In this conference we will focus on bringing different sections of the societies together, you will interact with people who have had no introduction to any type of formal education or the democratic education as we generally understand. Also, the conference will be followed by Himalayan IDEC which will include trekking, talks and discussions in the middle of the forest or jungle and awesome local and continental food.

    • What is Himalayan IDEC?

      Himalayan IDEC is a three day extension conference which will include talks, workshops by various people (national and international)coming from different walks of life such as mountaineering, entrepreneurs and researchers working in the field of Himalayan life and Himalayan natural products. To make this furthermore interesting, participants will walk/hike/trek part of the day through the beautiful and traditional villages, along the ridges of the hills enjoying the uninterrupted sight of the Himalayas. We will walk every day for couple of hours and stop at a beautiful location with the view of the beautiful mountains in the middle of the forest and participate in workshops and talks for couple of hours. From there we will again trek to a comfortable and spacious hotel to spend the overnight. You will enjoy varieties of local, traditional and continental food and drinks.

    • Is Himalayan IDEC only for those who can walk?

      Himalayan IDEC is for everyone. It is for those who can hike up the mountains and also for those cannot hike long distances. You will have an option to get on a vehicle from a nearby place from where you choose not to hike. The vehicle will take you to a conference venue, where you can join the rest of the team. You can again choose to take vehicle to reach the hotel.